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ddrLPD enables your Windows host to become a LPD print server (RFC-1179) so your host could accept any print jobs from remote hosts with various platform such as Unix, Linux or other OS that support LPR protocol. The process is summarized at the next schema


If your host installed with Windows version 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, it's ready to run this software for making your host become a network print server as long as your network is using TCP/IP protocol.

ddrLPD's abilities are:

ddrLPD does not support:
Version 1.2 with some bug fixes now available, you can download for ddrLPD here right now if you want to try this software. You also see the changes of this new version at here.

And if you find ddrLPD is met with your need, please register it immediately for getting a license key file.
Get it at
If you meet any technical problem related to this software, don't hesitate to contact me at lpd@ddr.web.id,
and if you have any questions about orders, payment and delivery, you can refer to http://www.shareit.com/ccc/index.html

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